Founder Janet Strukely-Dziak on The Career Zoo

Janet Dziak gets to do what she loves every day as a professional ballet dancer.  She’s the founder and artistic director of North Pointe Ballet in Cleveland, Ohio.   She’s in charge of choreographing and producing full-length ballets for her company of professional dancers. She also teaches ballet students.


Janet founded North Pointe Ballet in 2016 to make classical ballet accessible to her community. During the day, Janet works with her professional dancers, practicing and putting together ballet performances.  She produces the shows, so she works with her staff to produce the sets and costumes.  She choreographs the entire performance and puts together the full-length ballet.  Then on Saturdays, she has classes with students where she integrates them into their ballet performances.

Education & Background

Janet has been dancing since she was 3 years old.  Her dream was to be a professional ballet dancer so she went to college and got a degree in dance with a concentration in performance. She started performing full-time in St. Louis after college.  But because she didn’t make much money performing, she decided to start teaching dance on the side to make extra income.  That’s when she fell in love with teaching.  So Janet went back to school and took more education courses so she could expand her teaching skills.

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