Performance cancellations mean a loss of income for nonprofit organizations everywhere, but expenses for these organizations continue to exist, and North Pointe Ballet is no exception. However, NPB is lucky to be a part of a community of support. One patron reached out to NPB with the following statement that filled us with hope: 

“It’s understandable, but still a disappointment, that North Pointe Ballet’s productions of What’s Your Why? and The Wizard Of Oz had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve already asked NPB to convert my ticket purchases into donations (even though I’ll buy fresh tickets when they’re available). Thanks for making that an option. But I’m also concerned that NPB is missing out on all the ticket sales leading up to the performances…And I want to help NPB to “keep the lights on,” which prompted me to make another donation.  …I know that investing in NPB now will help ensure that all the good the company does for our community will continue.”

Thank you, Ed Sechkar, and our other valued patrons who continue to support NPB during these trying times.  

If you would also like to help, please click the link below to ensure North Pointe Ballet can continue to bring classical ballet to everyone in our community.